In life, you are faced with difficult decisions. Decisions that you go back and forth on every day. Decisions that keep you up at night. Those same decisions can be the decisions that hold you back from something greater.

This was a very difficult decision for Dylan and I to make. Vyper Energy was gaining tracking so quickly, however, we were being pulled in two different directions with Vyper Energy and Vyper Industrial.

For those of you that don't know, Vyper Industrial (VI) is the parent organization to Vyper Energy (VE). As we were growing VE, VI grew ten-fold. We were at the cross roads with VI & VE and a decision needed to be made. We are firm believers in going ALL IN on one business until it's self sustaining.

With that being said, we have decided to dedicate our full attention on the growth and incredibly exciting future planned for Vyper Industrial.

We have VE locked and loaded with a plethora of new flavors and new can designs that we will be bringing to market when the time is right. Thank you to all of those that have supported this. Remember, we're on pause, but not forever. If you are in the Green Bay / Appleton area, come and swing by our facility (2545 Larsen Road, Green Bay) to replenish your VE stock. We still have some in inventory!